Chimney Repairs

Chimney repairs across Leeds and West Yorkshire

The Chimney is an integral part of your house and possibly the one part of your home that is subject more to the elements than any other part. Year upon Year of constant bashing from the wind, rain and Sun can often take its toll on your chimney and can lead to leaks and old parts of the chimney or the mortar falling off, either down the chimney itself or down down the roof causing further damage to anything below, such as a glass conservatory roof, velux windows on extensions or worst case senario hitting someone on the head. We have been repairing chimneys in Leeds, Harrogate, Wakefield and Yorkshire for well over 20 years and have an efficient, reliable team waiting for your call.

Should you wish to remove your Chimney altogether - we can do this too! We'll then repair the hole left in your roof with the correct and matching material of your existing roof and make it as good as new. Call us to discuss any requirements for your chimney using our numbers below...