Expert Roofline Component Installers

What is Roofline?

The Roofline of your building generally consists of several parts and may include some or all of the following; Soffits, Bargeboards, Fascia board and Guttering. These parts were formerly made from wood and still can be should you wish to keep the traditional look and feel to your property or you are encouraged to use them by your local planning office, for example to a listed building.

Increasingly these days a modern, maintenance free, UPVC / Plastic alternative is used, made in a range of colours and styles to suit most tastes.

Roofline Components

Not only does a well maintained roofline look good and give the property a smart looking finish, it also serves to ventilate your roof space, prevent animals and birds entering the roof space, protect the edges of roof timbers from getting wet and rotting and divert rainwater from your roof to the sewers.

One of the most common damp problems in a property can be attributed to a roofline guttering and/or downpipes in a state of disrepair - allowing the rainwater to constantly drip down the external walls of the property.

Weathershield Roofing Contractors Ltd have been renewing and replacing roofline components for over 25 years.

We can recommend the best roofline materials and components for the job and offer free local quotations for all your roofline needs.

Alternatively we can provide quotations via email or phone for those living outside the West Yorkshire area who can provide sizes, style, colour and amount of what they require. If you're not quite sure what you require then send us some photos or give us a call. We're here to help.

Not considered part of the roofline - Cladding, also referred to Shiplap or UPVC Cladding is another product we have many years experience in installing. If you're thinking of replacing your existing cladding or your cladding is in need of repair we can take care of this for you.

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